Error when setting cookie - headers are immutable

I’m using your cookies example together with a static Gatsby site, and i’m trying to set a cookie.

However I’m getting a Headers are immutable error. Do you have a working example for this? This is the line in my code where it fails.

Hey there, @fredcarlsen :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out, and apologies for the delay! The Support Team has been a bit underwater this past week and our response times have slowed down as a result.

Are you still encountering this error? If so, I will loop in folks who may be able to provide further details for you.

I am indeed, so I skipped using it for now. Thanks!

(I had to take a break all together because, when we launched our new site with edge functions, it caused a significant delay and timeouts. Have a separate support thread open for that and eagerly waiting a response).