Error UNHANDLED REJECTION ENOENT: no such file or directory, open "/opt/build/repo/site/public/page-data/product-category/bases/bar-bases/page-data.json"

I have a issue.I dont know fix it.Please help me.I don’t really know where this error comes from.This is site name “ephemeral-gnome-04c614” and site id “941012e6-bb0f-4b10-a2e9-b54c557bba7d”

it means that there is a missing file or directory there :upside_down_face:

I assume the same thing happens when you build locally; our builds will not work differently than your own local builds.

General high-level advice: If you are trying to write a file, make sure the directory is created first; If you are trying to read from a file you may have the path wrong?

This may be a better way to approach debugging build issues from the top down:

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I tried building locally and it worked perfectly fine so I don’t know why when I deployed to netlify this error occurred

Understood. We’ll be happy to help you debug but you still have to take the lead in the ways described in that article if you’d like our help.