Hello i’m trying to deploy my gatsby application on netlify but i’m unable to deploy

getting error


“build.command” failed

FULL build log & build settings screenshot

Build log screenshot :point_down:

Build setting screenshot :point_down:

I tried

  • npm run build
  • CI = npm run build
  • gatsby build
  • CI = gatsby build

Nothing works for me I’m trying to deploy gatsby application from last 2 days

Can anyone help troubleshoot?

Netlify site name: xenodochial-hugle-0a6492

I’m not sure what other details I can provide to make this question better. But I’m happy to send more info if needed.
Thank you!

hi there,

Can you take a look at this issue and see if it is the same thing you are seeing?

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I’m seeing this same error frequently (but not every time) on my builds and have been ever since we upgraded from Gatsby 3 to Gatsby 4. The link above was closed with the implication it was due to a problem with gatsby-remark-images-contentful, but I’m not using that package.

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If you want I can piggyback onto this and provide project information and logs, but the error is exactly what is shown in the OPs log snippet.

Is this a memory issue as is suggested in this?

Hey @witcradg,

Yes, when using Gatsby image, this totally happens due to memory issues. You can try one of the following:

  1. Don’t use AVIF or WEBP image formats in the output.
  2. Don’t use super large images to be optimised.

Hello! I’m delighted to say we have a fix for this. It turns out it was not a memory issue after all, but was a bug in Gatsby. It doesn’t appear when building locally because most people are using multi-core machines and the bug only appears when using a single worker. We worked with the Gatsby team to release a fix which went out today. If you update your site to gatsby@4.13.1 then it should fix the problem.

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