Error: unable to create symlink .github/ File name too long


I’ve got a monorepo where a sub-package is an npm package. I have the readme in the root of the sub-package so that it is included and shown on npm when the package is published, however for this readme to be shown in github I need to make a symlink to this in the .github directory, based on the information here About READMEs - GitHub Docs, ie

If you put your README file in your repository’s hidden .github , root, or docs directory, GitHub will recognize and automatically surface your README to repository visitors.

However with this setup, the netlify build fails with:

Failed during stage “preparing repo”: error: unable to create symlink .github/ File name too long


Netlify site name: jade-truffle-8ae50a

Build link: Deploy details | Deploys | jade-truffle-8ae50a | Netlify

Looks like Git has caused some issue with the symlink: Symlinks: "File name too long" on MacOS · Issue #93 · dayhaysoos/use-shopping-cart · GitHub

Does a clone work on other devices?

I don’t think so, I had this issue on my machine, a windows device, and had to enable the git setting described here Filename too long in Git for Windows - Stack Overflow

It’s not possible to change Git config on Netlify + Netlify uses Ubuntu, so the Windows issue won’t apply anyways. Which brings me back to my question:

I only have a windows device so no idea how you expect me to test that?

Windows provides WSL to test Ubuntu.

OK, lets say I setup WSL then test this and it doesn’t work. I am assuming you or someone at netlify will then need to setup WSL to investigate a solution? If so, why don’t we just go directly to you or someone at netlify trying it if you already have wsl or an equivalent available and know how to use it?

I don’t have wsl setup and I’m reluctant to set it up just to test this