"Error: socket hang up": is there a cure for random socket errors?!

Netlify Dev constantly throws random socket errors:

It happens at boot at least half the time, then randomly through development. Once it happens once, then it just seems like it’s impossible to get Netlify Dev back on the right track — regardless of number of attempts at kill.

We’re paying users of Netlify and love it. But the only thing I hear from our dev team is snickering at the finickiness of the CLI. Please, please, can we get a fix!

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hey @DavidChouinard - sorry to hear the dreaded socket bug is affecting you too. We know it is a challenging bug.

If you would please encourage people to watch this issue:

As you can see, our latest comment on this from yesterday that it is our top priority to fix.

We’ll update this thread as soon as we have news, but you are also encouraged to watch that thread & share any additional insight you may have. Thank you for your patience, we totally empathize with how annoying that is.

Thank you. I bet it’s a tricky thing to debug and on behalf of our team, we really appreciate it. :muscle:

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you bet. we want people to have a better experience than they’re currently having, for sure!

Any update on this “#1 priority”?

hey there, seems like we are releasing a fix very soon.

Woah! Very very exciting. Thank you :heart:

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