Error gatsby-source-wordpress Error: Request failed with status code 429

I’m getting this error when attempting to move from gatsby-cloud.

I’ve tried everything explain here, gatsby-source-wordpress: handle 429 errors · Issue #30314 · gatsbyjs/gatsby · GitHub

It builds locally and on gatsby-cloud…

Is there any of throttling the queries with gatsby-node, or is it potentially a single query call that causes things to fail?

I get this is an error from the source server, but it’s strange as it doesn’t occur on GC or local builds its tricky to solve.

I removed everything from gatsby-node.js except the front-page query and it still fails via a 429. I’ll get in touch with my WP hosts but as building works locally + on gatsby-cloud i’m pretty stumped.

I’m totally stumped on this, my WP instance seems to work, no 429 and on Gatsby Cloud also seems to work with my WP instance. Any information would highly appreciated.

Is there anyway to throttle Netlify so it doesn’t overload my WP instance? I’ve tried lowering the concurrent requests to 1 via the Gatsby-source-wordpress but to no success. Still bails on a 429.

I had to ask the hosts of my WP to do increase the bandwidth. It would be interesting to know if there was a way of lowering the Netlify worker count @ build, as I think that is what is overloading the WP instances. IIRC gatsby-cloud and my local development only initiated three, and they never overloaded the server.

This is not something Netlify can control. If Netlify’s building speed is faster than your server can handle, you might need to introduce additional delays yourself or as you’ve already done, work with your content server.

Thanks for confirming this information.