Error during building netlify app

Hi community , snce 2 weeks I search why all was perfect befrore and now it isn’t… My configuration local machine worked weel GATSBY CLI 2.19.3 GATSBY VEERSION 2.39.13 NODE 14.19.0 NVM 0.39.1 YARN 1.22.19 -------- DeprecationWarning: Module.createRequireFromPath() is deprecated. Use Module.createRequire() instead. -------- Error: Input file contains unsupported image format ------ “build.command” failed ---------- Command failed with exit code 1: gatsby build (Netlify: Develop & deploy the best web experiences in record time

Please share your deploy link or logs.

Looking at the piece of information you’ve shared, you seem to be using Gatsby 2, which we do not actively support. It might still work, but we can’t provide much support for it.

Hi thank for the answer effectively it is a old gatsby 2 site. But ifI upgrade I’ll have problem with ESM and compatibility plugin…
I don’t have a pro account then my netlify is not protected I can t share it and I 'm a new user to the forum I can only write 6 lines then I can’t paste my logs…

Please at least tell the site name, the deploy ID or simply paste the link as mentioned before.

I understand the problem about not being able to upgrade, however Gatsby itself has dropped support for Gatsby 2: Gatsby Framework Version Support | Gatsby, so we can’t provide much of technical support with that.

Happy to take a look though.

Thanks for yr time…

site id : 3275032d-1263-4b65-af08-d91676330e33

I used gatsby hero starter…

It seems like your image is failing: Netlify App

Try disabling the plugin, or check the image that you’re using in your gatsby-plugin-manifest.