Error deploying Gatsby site NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI

Hi community.
I’m getting an annoying error deploying my Gatsby4 site.
When i do it through pushing from my local repo, the build success but when i trigger the button [clear cache and deploy site] it doesn’t load my pages and only give me an error in the console:


  • we need to know your netlify site name:

This is the repo link : GitHub - intercambios-transorganicos/it-frontend: Front-end de intercambios-transorganicos

Where are you seeing the error? I don’t see anything in the logs, or on the site.

Hi, thanks in advance for answering!
if you go to
the content isnt display and if you inspect the console you will see the error : NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI
Let me know if its different for you.

I tried that, but I see this:

Hi hrishikesh
Im having different behavior for this build.

finally i get it working but not sure what was really the solution. im just removed a “loader” component in ssr and browser configs from Gatsby, and then it works wen deploy

Thanks you anyway