Error code 2 on CI/CD of my HUGO site

hi @JobNmadu,

I know this guide was already linked above, but it is worth repeating:

this contains the steps you would need to implement to get this working as you are hoping to!

Thanks Luke. I have resolved most of the issues with regards to domain setting but my posts are not propagated, what can I do?

hi @JobNmadu , are you still seeing this issue?

I purchased a domain which has resolved the issue about nameservers change and netlify DNS has issued the certificate. However, the public folder which is my post has not been propagated:

hi @JobNmadu , i am sorry it has taken us a while to get back to you on this.

it seems like your site is secure now, right?

Thanks, yes the site is working only that netlify is still questioning

I used alternative domain, which has propagated very well.


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great, glad it is working!