Error code 2 on CI/CD of my HUGO site

If you want Netlify to build your website, you’d have to push your Hugo website’s source code and not the published website. The source code would be the folder in which you have your config.toml file locally. Once you publish that folder to a Git repo, you can connect it to Netlify and then, with build settings as:

base: /
command: hugo --minify
publish: public

you can get your website deployed, provided the source code of the website is not inside any sub-directory of your repo.

Okay thanks, I will get back to you on this.

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After playing around with one thing or the other, the site seems to be running now.


Thanks so very much for your careful and patient guidance. At last is running but only the opening page, that is the about page, is visible. What of the posts page? Secondly, the site is still and has not been upgraded to I was hoping that it would be done after 48hrs.

Thank you once more.

I don’t see the link for one on your home page. Mind providing one?

About the HTTPS, I can see that the HTTPS version is loading fine, however for some reason the non-HTTPS version isn’t redirecting to the HTTPS one. I don’t know why it’s happening.

Hi, @JobNmadu. It looks like you have Cloudflare as a proxy to the Netlify site. We have a support guide about why this block our SSL provisioning here (and how to fix it):

If there are any questions after reading the support guide above, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience with me. I was trying to follow your suggestion but again hooked. Through which option do I get to disable cloudflare? I have perused all the options the whole day without getting it.

Also, the actual problem is that there is a check on DNS configuration. See the picture below:

Hi, @JobNmadu. You are most welcome and no patience is required. We are always happy to answer questions about Netlify. :+1:

The setting to change isn’t at Netlify. It is a setting at Cloudflare as shown in that support guide I linked to. The screenshot below is from that guide and shows the setting:

Note, you can use Cloudflare the way you have it. However, if you do that, you must provide your own SSL certificate. If Netlify is going to provision the automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, then the setting above must be disabled. Please feel free to do whichever you decide is best.

Again, if there are any other questions, we are happy to answer. :smiley:

That is done!

What would be the next step?

Hi, @JobNmadu. I’m showing the record in the screenshot is for the www subdomain.		300	IN	CNAME

However, the subdomain you have added under the site settings is the jobnmadu subdomain here:

Those two need to match. So you can either change the subdomain in the Cloudflare DNS record to jobnmadu (not www) or you can change the subdomain in the site settings at Netlify to www. Either of those two solutions will work.

Once the change is made the “Verify DNS settings” button on that same site settings page should work and the SSL certificate should be enabled soon after (within about one minute).

Hi, @JobNmadu. I’m showing that this domain name ( isn’t pointing to Netlify when I test:

$ dig +noall +answer	299	IN	A	299	IN	A

Those two IP addresses are Cloudflare IP addresses:

$ whois | grep "OrgName"
OrgName:        Cloudflare, Inc.
$ whois | grep "OrgName"
OrgName:        Cloudflare, Inc.

With that configuration, you must provide your own SSL certificate because we cannot provision one. Alternatively, if you stop using Cloudflare as a proxy in front of Netlify, we could then provision an automatic SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Was expecting your guide, as I requested earlier, I will like to remain with netlify, how can I achieve that?

hi @JobNmadu,

I know this guide was already linked above, but it is worth repeating:

this contains the steps you would need to implement to get this working as you are hoping to!

Thanks Luke. I have resolved most of the issues with regards to domain setting but my posts are not propagated, what can I do?

hi @JobNmadu , are you still seeing this issue?

I purchased a domain which has resolved the issue about nameservers change and netlify DNS has issued the certificate. However, the public folder which is my post has not been propagated:

hi @JobNmadu , i am sorry it has taken us a while to get back to you on this.

it seems like your site is secure now, right?

Thanks, yes the site is working only that netlify is still questioning

I used alternative domain, which has propagated very well.


Job N Nmadu. experience, expertise, efficiency: eternity in view!
Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
Industrial Liaison Officer, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria (

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great, glad it is working!