ERROR 404 Next Js Images not found on dynamic routes

Here is my site

Here is my repo: GitHub - wal238/robotstrading

I have all my images inside my public folder. When I am running on dev all images are found on my pages. When deployed on Netlify, all the normal pages and there photos are found.

However, when I click on my website inventory and then click on the item the page is a dynamic route and all the information for the page is passed through a query. All the information loads correctly on the product page. However, the photos are not found this is the error I am getting in my console

I’ve browsed through solutions on stackoverflow and netlify but those solutions don’t seem to apply to be me. When investigating on the dynamic page I printed the images srcto the console and it showed correctly the path from the public folder to the images but for some reason on netlify it’s not being found.

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

Hi :wave:t6: welcome to the community and thanks so much for reaching out! Can you please share what it’s supposed to look like from your local? I can see the images are populating and I’m not seeing those errors in the console.

Hi Sam,

This is how it looks when deployed on netlify

This is how it looks on my local machine

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