Environment Variables not logging properly

Do note the definitions for deploys. A deploy preview as triggered by a PR/merge, takes the form deploy-preview-42--yoursitename.netlify.app as opposed to a production deploy preview which takes the form 61bca6635ddd093d3d0993e2--vigorous-lewin-937bb3.netlify.app (deploy previews have a permalink like this too.)

If it is a deploy preview, you’ll find this thread useful

Any idea what they are referring to as a solution here? Will this work for auto publishing for me too?

I’m not aware of what is referred to there.

Are you using the build hook found under https://app.netlify.com/sites/YOUR_SITE_NAME/settings/deploys#build-hooks or the createSiteBuild API?

Using the former is what I have referenced previously.

Yep I’m using the build hook not the create site build api

Is there anyone else who might know whats causing this to no auto publish?

That’s exactly the cause. Even your screenshot says it:

Deploys from no-deploys are published automatically

So pushes to the master branch are considered as branch deploys:

So this is working as expected. If you don’t want Netlify to build for your commits, you can set [skip netlify] anywhere in your commit message and Netlify will not build for it.