Enviroment variables are ignored with Vue Storefront

Hello, dear support.

I faced an issue when my environment variables got totally ignored. I’ve read topics on the forum, but nothing helped.
I use Vue Storefront (build with vue + nuxt.js), and my site URL is: https://xenodochial-torvalds-f6de20.netlify.app

So, briefly - it seems that my app us using default env variables instead of mine. As I understand, the .env file gets created during the build and is populated with default values. I’ve set my own values after the initial build, so locally everything works fine and I see my test store collections and a test store product. But when I deploy the app on Netlify, I see only the default links (so it seems it is not connected with my own store).

I set my variables on the web page in the Deplot Settings → Environment variables, but it has no effect.

Please help!


Hey @Ondre

Are you using both a .env file in your project (when deployed to Netlify) and variables set via the UI, or only the UI? How are you accessing the variables?

Have you read over [Support Guide] Using environment variables on Netlify correctly?

Can you share the repository you are deploying from? I’ve never (personally) know Netlify Build to ignore any environment variables.