Encode HTML document response in Remix + Vite app

Is there a way to ensure a HTML document response is encoded using gzip or br? This seems to be ubiquitous feature amongst other hosting platforms.

Contextual background

  • Hosting: Netlify Functions
  • Tech: Remix + Vite (with Netlify Remix adapter for build process)

Here’s a staging deployment for further context: https://staging--climate-united-website.netlify.app/

I’m curious if a project like this would need to be migrated to an Edge function to ensure the correct document request compression.

Can anyone help me on this?

Your site uses Functions API v2. There’s currently a known bug that these functions don’t get there responses compressed and the devs are working on it.

Is there a projected timeline for when this bug fix will be released?

Unfortunately not. It won’t be fixed for some time based on the update I last heard.