Empty upload field in form submission notification email

I have a Nuxt 3 based site deployed to Netlify. It has a simple HTML form with something like this:

    > ... </form>

The form has a few upload fields that look something like this:

<input type="file" name="card-front" id="card-front" accept="image/*,.pdf" />

I am able to successfully see the uploads on the Netlify forms UI with Cloudfront links to the uploaded files.

I also have Form submission notifications setup so that it sends an email to me when a form has been submitted. In the email, I can see all the fields except the values for any of the upload fields.

In the UI I see that the submission does indeed have a file upload url, however, in the email I receive it shows up as blank.

How can I fix this issue so that I can see the uploaded file urls in the email as well?

Thanks for your help!

What email provider are you using? Maybe that’s stripping out the links from the emails?