Email slow delivery time in production (AWS SES)

Hello, I’m using the aws-sdk to send an email notification through SES. When running on dev environment the email is delivered instantly, however, it takes up to 5 minutes to deliver when deployed in production.

Code is pretty basic.

    const emailParams = {
			Destination: {
				ToAddresses: [email],
			Source: 'Test <>',
			Message: {
				Body: {
					Html: {
						Charset: 'UTF-8',
						Data: emailTemplate,
					Text: {
						Charset: 'UTF-8',
						Data: '',
				Subject: {
					Charset: 'UTF-8',
					Data: 'Test'
    const sendEmail = ses.sendEmail(emailParams).promise();

Where emailTemplate and email are strings.

How can I improve the delivery time?


hi there, is this a netlify related question? If so, which site is this regarding? thanks.