Email redirect after moving domain

Netlify name:
Custom domain:

I moved the domain to Netlify and now I am trying to set my email. For that, I added an MX record, a CNAME record - it still doesn’t work.
I asked the email provider what are the records needed for this: the answer was that I needed to redirect the email service to a specified IP. I don’t know how to do this, please advise.
Many thanks!

@coja Welcome to the Netlify community.

Did your e-mail provider tell you the IP address? If so, you should be able to create a new MX record in your Netlify DNS. however, you currently have “” as your e-mail provider, which means that you are trying to run an e-mail host on Netlify, which is never going to work.

Typically, if you want to run custom-branded (such as with a service such as Netlify, you would use Gmail or some other service that handles all the e-mail part of it and allows you to send and receive through your custom domain.

If you don’t need custom-branded e-mail (that is, if is fine but you want to present the world with a custom-branded e-mail, then you’ll need to set up something like Improvmx to forward your custom-branded e-mail to your regular e-mail address and “send mail as” from Google. FWIW, Improvmx also has a paid tier that allows you to send and receive e-mail from any custom-branded address.

The only thing you cannot do is run an e-mail service on Netlify, which is how you have it set up now.

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hey there, did you see this guide already?

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Thank you, I added a new MX record with the IP address from by the email provider and everything works great now. :smiley: