Email not working even though all records have been transferred properly

Hi, I have a site that I host on Netlify for my parents who have their domain and email service with Godaddy. I transferred all the records over (MX, SRV, TXT etc) and their email is still not working. I called Godaddy twice and sent them a screenshot of the DNS records that I added to Netlify and they said everything looks correct and they would look into their servers more and see if there was an issue on their end. It looks like theres no issue on their end (though that might change, they can be inconsistent) but in the meantime I’d like to know if it’s an issue on Netlify’s end as I’ve searched a bit and seen other people have this problem. I hope that no matter which end it’s on we can get this resolved soon because they’ve been without their business email for 4 days now

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just to check, did you read through this guide already?

seems like this might also be helpful:

Yes, I have visited those topics before posting, and even while posting as they came up as suggested topics while creating this post. Ultimately what I’d like to know is will email work if we have our email service through Godaddy as well as the domain and I moved all the records (including CNAME, MX, SRV, TXT etc) from Godaddy to Netlify?

Hi, @swiss, the configuration for where to send email is done using DNS. It doesn’t matter who your DNS service provider is, if the DNS records are correct the email will be sent to the email service provider in the same way.

We are never the email service provider as we don’t offer email services at Netlify. We are the DNS service provider if you are using Netlify DNS for your domain. So, to clarify, we can troubleshoot any DNS issues but issues with email service itself will required troubleshooting by the provider of that service.

We also have a topic about this here:

Specifically, the section with the heading “I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?” should be helpful. (I do realize you said that copied your DNS records but the information in that section should still be informative.)

So, if email are not being sent to the current email service, the email service provider should be able to explain why by checking the current DNS records and pointing out missing or incorrect records. We don’t know what records are required as only the email service provider knows those details. Once you tell us what DNS records are required, we can compare those requirements to the existing records and troubleshoot any incorrect or missing records.

DNS records are about as public as information gets on the internet. Anyone can request any DNS record at any time. There is no secrecy involved (excluding DNSSEC which we don’t support so this won’t apply at Netlify). Please feel free to post the required DNS records here and we’ll be happy to research this further.

You can still private message (PM) that information to our support staff if you prefer. I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Note, that only one person can see the PM and this will likely mean a slower reply than posting the information publicly.

Finally, while it does some automate some of the features for our service (SSL certificates for branch subdomains for example), Netlify DNS is not the only way to connect a custom domain to a site at Netlify. You can also use our external DNS instructions if you want to keep the DNS service at GoDaddy. This might be a shortcut to resolve this issue more quickly.

First, thank you for the in-depth reply, I really appreciate it.

I checked out the article you linked and read it through, it seems that I fall into the camp of having set my records after having switched my nameservers. I’m fairly sure at this point that the issue is on Godaddy’s end, but I wanted to double check here just in case.

Until then, if you could double check that my DNS records are setup properly I’d really appreciate it, as that’s the only thing I see left that could be causing issues here (despite the fact that I’ve shared screenshots of my DNS records with Godaddy and they said that they looked fine, but their support hasn’t always been the best from past experience). If nothing needs to be changed, I will contact them again and hopefully they can finally get this resolved.

Finally got this resolved with Godaddy, ended up just transferring the mail records back and they reset

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great, thanks for the update. we’ll close this thread!