Dynamic Routes on Next.js is Not working in monorepo(Yarn workspaces) 🥲

reproduction: Slam | 우리 주변 농구장을 빠르게

source code(github): develop branch - GitHub - slamapp/frontend: 슬램 | 같이 농구할 사람이 없다고? 🏀

is there any extra setting I need?
I use almost 1day to solve this problem, but I couldn’t
Could you help me please?

Base directory: packages/web
Build command: yarn workspace web build
Publish directory: packages/web/.next

Hi @slamsapp,

The problem doesn’t seem to happen at the moment. Has this been fixed?

I fixed this by migrating to Vercel… :cry:
If I can have confidence to deploying monorepo nextjs successfully, I wanna come back to netlify again.

The only way we can see what went wrong is when you provide us more details. :slight_smile: