Dynamic Next13 rendering working locally but not for netlify deploy


I have a NextJS13 app that is trying to do dynamic rendering that performs an API call to google sheets(using it as a database) per request.

This works locally for me but it isn’t on Netlify the app does an api call only on build but not after it is deployed.

I am using a third party library and {cache} from ‘react’

import {GoogleSpreadsheet} from "google-spreadsheet";
import { cache } from 'react';

and i’ve tried defining variables

export const dynamic = 'force-dynamic'
export const revalidate = 0
export const fetchCache = 'force-no-store'

With no luck

NEXT revalidation docs

my-site: live-tnb-dno-summit.netlify.app

In your build logs, I’m not seeing a single path that’s dynamically loading:

If you have a SSR path or an API path, that’s depicted by using the Lambda symbol λ. The fact that it’s missing indicates an issue in your configuration. The building stage is contolled by Next.js. So it’s either something wrong with your setup, or a Next.js bug.

Netlify only starts its processing after the build is done, so this is not a Netlify issue at the moment.

Yes thanks for the reply and that helped me identify the issue:

export const dynamic = 'force-dynamic' was at the component level and not the page level.