Doppler manual install does not install to current directory


I’m attempting to run a script during the build step that will attempt to install the doppler cli and use it to extract the environment variables from doppler per the instructions on their page for a manual doppler integration.

However, while it retrieves the script for the doppler integration using curl, it does not install to the current working directory. This is confirmed by also printing the current directory using ls -la and seeing that doppler does not exist. I tried this script on my local machine and it seems to work fine. Is there something blocking the build from installing the script on netlify?

@eduardo1 Are you able to use one of their other SDK’s for that purpose?

Hi Nathan, this sounds like it would require an env var (deploy context access token) to pass into the constructor to use the doppler api’s which is not ideal. Would rather be able to access doppler from the build step

closing - after contacting doppler support, it seems their docs are outdated and their native integration supports different deploy contexts. Thanks!