Domain paths not working on my domain pointing towards Netlify

My site name is: timelifypublic

My domain is registered with a hosting provider called Eco Web Hosting. I have pointed my domain ('s nameservers to Netlify.

The main apex ( points to the site fine on Netlify, but when I add paths, like Timelify - Rota Software & Annual Leave Management - it says the site does not exist. But I have checked the deployed files, and the files have deployed OK, and run fine when in DEV. I have reason to believe this is primarily a domain/DNS issue.

How do I fix this please?


It’s not a domain/DNS issue, you can tell this because the page that you’re seeing doesn’t say “the site does not exist”, it says “the page does not exist”.

It’s the default Netlify 404 error page, and if you click the ‘Back to our site’ button it returns to your site.

My guess is that your site is actually an SPA (Single Page Application).

The explanation I gave here also applies to you…