Domain not updating with the latest website

Hello, I am trying to connect my netlify websites to my domain. I added the nameservers, and netlify said all is good. However, when I open the website by domain, it shows either an empty page, or an old page, that was standard page by the domain provider.

The websites to be deployed in question and their respective domain links I’d like to connect are:

On the netlify panel, it says that all is perfect and green and alright, but I see that this is not working as expected.


Hi @IvaKatsitadze :wave:t6:,

Has it been 48 hours? This is likely a propagation issue. Please reach back out after 48 hours.

I doubt it is, because for other domains and other websites it takes about 30 minutes.

We need to launch tomorrow. Usually it works within 30 mins. Please help if you can. Should not be about propagation

Hi @IvaKatsitadze,

Visiting the two production domains (I assume you didn’t want to mention them in this post), that are assigned to the two sites, they are resolving properly for me. I do show that you have Netlify’s name servers properly configured. Are you still seeing the same issue?