Doggos of Community - show us your pup. All welcome

Hey everyone,
Inspired by some of the esteemed puppers whose humans have written in recently, like Elliott (click into the post to see a very handsome and good boy):

and Kuka the shih tzu, a fabulous international traveler:

we’ve decided to start this doggos of Community thread. Please post a photo of yours (and their blog/website if they have one) with a bit about them!

To kick things off, this is Oscar who loves to run fast and lie around in the sun :sunglasses:


@Pie has a really cute dog too! maybe he wants to show him off? Also @verythorough and @calavera and who else?

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My pups Monty and Petunia have tumblrs that I haven’t touched in several years.

One day, I’ll have to move them to sites I control, on Netlify, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Revisiting these, I was reminded how much I love this video from when Monty was a tiny puppy:


This is incredible :rofl:

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Oh boy, looks like I’ll have to get something for my Jackasaurus set up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:!

can we please keep this thread going. I bet with all the Community members we have we must have at least a hundred dogs. Come on people. More dogs please.


Okay, so I’ll need to get my boy on Pets of Netlify but… here you go! Here’s Jack, my Finnish Spitz puppo!


there must be more netlipets! I am reviving this thread.

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Didn’t you guys make an official site some time back… I thought I recalled it in the repos… let’s see…

Ah yes! :smirk:

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Bit late to the party, but we need to revive this lmao :joy:

Here’s Holly, shih-tzu x yorkshire terrier

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I’m ready for a redesigned version with many more puppers don’t know about you :joy: