Docs update request: supported ruby versions

Hello, may i request an update to the ruby section to clarify versions which are currently supported as has been done for e,g, PHP?


@plowsof I see the following on the page that you’ve linked…

What do you see as unclear about what’s already there?

I haven’t used Ruby for years, but I know Node.js has many supported versions and similarly lists:

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thanks for surfacing this Nathan! @plowsof Is there something that is not clear so I can raise to my docs team?

@nathanmartin thank you for the response, in my emotional distress i clearly failed to read “Any version that nvm can install” and a combination of me being green / not knowing what nvm is/was / assuming the world is against me + this is the most difficult problem ever as usual ! So there was no issue to begin with, thank you for making that clear nathan. @SamO everything seems ok now, we can consider this resolved :+1 :+1: