Dnsc record not removed

I made a mistake assuming the DNS record would be removed after I deleted my app/account. Can someone please help me remove this domain name from the registry?

My domain name is “acadiumlab.com


hi there, when you say “DNS record removed” do you mean removed from Netlify;'s control (if you were using our DNS) or “unregistered” from your name (given up completely, so someone else can buy it and use it) or something else?

thanks for clarifying.

My problem is I added a domain name to my app which i deleted few days ago but the domain is still pointing to netlify dns image

Hi, @JabJabJab, I show this custom domain using using Cloudflare DNS at this time:

$ whois acadiumlab.com | grep -i "name server"
Name Server: dakota.ns.cloudflare.com
Name Server: elisa.ns.cloudflare.com

My best guess as to the reason for delays in changes in the time to live values in the previous NS records:

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.