DNS Transfer Issue

i have remove the custom domain name associated to this site " https://poetic-chimera-5735be.netlify.app](https://poetic-chimera-5735be.netlify.app/" which is “etsemmalexglobalfarm.ng” inorder to be able to transfer it to another site on a different account but i am getting this error “etsemmalexglobalfarm.ng or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.” when am trying to add the domain name to the new site i created on the other account. please help resolve thanks

Hmm when this happens you might not have migrated all your DNS zones. Did you give this resource a read first? If you are still experiencing this error we will need to verify your dns. Please follow the information outlined in guide below.

Please verify domain ownership and let us know when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

I have completely delete the account project that is linked to the domain name on my account and add the domain name to the new account i want to transfer it to which is also a netlify account, i am getting the error message of " etsemmalexglobalfarm.ng or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team. ". i bought the domain name from whogohost.com and the domain name is still active. pls help resolve this. thank you.

Remove the netlify domain from here: Netlify App

If this does not work for you, please follow the instructions to verify domain ownership: [Support Guide] "another site is using this domain" Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain