DNS NS Record Update - Certificate Error

Hey all,

I’ve changed the name server details on names.co.uk to the correct settings provided by Netlify, screenshot below, but the site isn’t working, located at shsparky.com

The netlify domain, https://shsparky.netlify.app/, works fine.

Any help would be really appreciated

I still see non-Netlify nameservers

% dig shsparky.com NS
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	ns1.phase8.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	dns3.p01.nsone.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	dns4.p01.nsone.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	dns1.p01.nsone.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	ns0.phase8.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	ns2.phase8.net.
shsparky.com.		3600	IN	NS	dns2.p01.nsone.net.

You’ll need to ensure *.phase8.net nameservers are removed.

This support guide provides more information

Hi, @frankinstyyn. This WHOIS data is one of the fastest ways to see which DNS servers are authoritative for a domain. If you check the WHOIS data, you will see you are not using Netlify DNS at all:

$ whois shsparky.com | egrep "^Name Server"
Name Server: NS0.PHASE8.NET
Name Server: NS1.PHASE8.NET
Name Server: NS2.PHASE8.NET
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

I recommend deleting the inactive DNS zone here:


and then using the external DNS instructions instead:

If that doesn’t resolve this or if there are any questions, please let us know.

Hey guys, @luke @jasiqli ,

Really appreciate the help and it turns out there’s a completely different section for changing name servers, not adding them.

It’s all sorted now and the DNS is sorted and SSL installed, the site is live! Thank you both again!

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