DNS configuration issue


I’ve just received an email indicating that Netlify are having trouble renewing an SSL certificate for my site. Netlify seems to think that my domain name isn’t pointing to Netlify, but it is, and has been for the past few months… I have an A record in my DNS manager (through Cloudflare) that is pointing to the IP mentioned in Netlify docs.
Any help would be very greatly appreciated, as I’ve just started sharing the site, so am anticipating people actually visiting the URL, so I’m a little worried

@denno020 I get these notifications sporadically, too, but they seem always to clear themselves up after an hour or so.

Just a note, though: If you are using Cloudflare for your DNS, you can take advantage of their CNAME flattening and have CNAME entries for both your apex domain and your www subdomain, and omit the A record IP entry. You just have to remember to use DNS only at Cloudflare (gray cloud), instead of the normal orange-cloud proxy setting.

hey denno020, we’d need to know which domain and netlify site this is regarding so we can assist :muscle:

Hey Perry,

calendariconsgenerator and calendariconsgenerator.app


hey denno,


loads for me and seems to be hosted by netlify - what are you seeing?

Hey Perry,

Yeah the site works fine for me, but I’m getting this message in the Netlify Dashboard:

So I guess I’m just waiting for it to stop working?

Yup, we don’t serve it today:

$ host calendariconsgenerator.app
calendariconsgenerator.app has address
calendariconsgenerator.app has address
calendariconsgenerator.app has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3036::6818:754c
calendariconsgenerator.app has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3035::6818:744c

…cloudflare does, so we can’t get a certificate. This article explains the situation in much more detail: [Support Guide] Why isn’t my SSL certificate provisioning automatically with Cloudflare & Netlify? Are there other problems with using Cloudflare in front of Netlify?