Displaying uppercase characters in URLs for presentation purposes

I know that Netlify treats all filenames as lowercase to avoid issues with case sensitivity. But I’d like to display a part of my URLs in uppercase, strictly as a presentational choice, for readability. Here’s an example URL:


That six character string represents a human-readable ID that a user might want to write down or mention over a phone call, etc. But that lowercase L makes it very ambiguous, because at a glance it could be an uppercase I. I want to display it as /1LM6VM/ and have /1lm6vm/ redirect to the uppercase version. I tried setting up a redirect rule but it didn’t work. Is this at all possible?

I wasn’t aware that Netlify was case-sensitive, or treated all filenames as lowercase. When I uppercase your URL it seems to load the same page as the lowercase version, so why not just use uppercase in the link? Alternately, you could display the page name / path / whatever on the page itself in uppercase for visitors, so they don’t have to deal with the URL bar in the browser.

Yeah, it automatically redirects to the lowercase version, so uppercase links will work (I was already counting on that). But I still find it inelegant to display it in lowercase anywhere. If uppercase in URLs really isn’t possible with Netlify, I’ll be seriously considering changing the ID format to avoid ambiguity in lowercase, or maybe even going with numbers only. But that would be a real pain at this point :confused:

To be clear, I don’t think that Netlify should support strict case sensitivity in URLs. But it should respect the original file’s case and display it as the canonical URL, with other case variants redirecting to that instead of always defaulting to lowercase. Basically, Wikipedia-style URL rules.

My point was that it seemed to load the same page, and with uppercase letters in the URL.

Oh, I see what you mean. What’s happening there is, because the site is password-protected, you’re being asked for authentication before the redirect occurs. Once auth is confirmed you get redirected to the lowercase URL. The site will eventually be public and won’t use Netlify’s password protection feature, so every visitor will be redirected immediately.