Different response values in the API

Hello everyone, I get different response values, I need to get account data and, for example, used bandwidth using api. I can get it using https://api.netlify.com/api/v1/accounts and get the used bandwidth of a specific account https://api.netlify.com/api/v1/accounts/ {slug }/bandwidth, but I get completely different values, I would like to use the first option, getting an array of all accounts with this data!

Please note that the data received from the first link is not correct

Hi, @lisindima. There isn’t a question in your post so I’m just confirm what you have already stated.

Yes, the two endpoints are returning different information and that is intentional. The two endpoints do not have the same purpose and they will not return the same data.

The first endpoint is returning a list of capabilities. The second endpoint returns the bandwidth used.

@luke Hi thanks for your reply, are there endpoints for getting information about Build minutes used and Concurrent builds?

Hi, @lisindima. We have a support guide about how to find API information here:

To summarize, the fastest way to find endpoints is to look at the information our web UI and check the devtools to see what API calls the site makes to get that information. For the build information, the URL is the one below: