Deployments always skip build phase

I’m trying to get the Netlify environment variables to be available at runtime by setting them in the build command. See attached build settings image for specifics.

The problem is that, for some reason, the build phase of deployment is ALWAYS skipped. Because of this, my environment variables are never set and therefore the desired functionality is not achieved.

Further, the Deploy Log seemingly will not load. Even after having the page open for 10+ minutes, the embedded display just shows the load ‘animation’ of the backslash to forward slash, and when I copy the build log to clipboard and paste the only thing that pastes is “Loading”. I’ve already asked the chatbot for help and tried all of it’s recommendations to no avail. Pls help!

Site Name: React App

Because you haven’t specified the build command. You’ve added npm install which isn’t required.

Check out the build settings documentation and the React framework documentation for specifics on what build command you need to use.

@dig I see. After reviewing the articles/docs you’ve linked, I adjusted the build command to have npm run build in place of npm install. The deployment failed, but the deployment log is still ‘loading’ and I have no access to any error messages. Any idea how to gain access to those?

Note: Prior to this change, I ran this command locally and uploaded it to my GitHub repo. I’ve deleted the /build file from my repo

Check again after a few minutes. If you still cannot see the build log I suggest this is an issue a member of support will need to investigate.

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Please follow: Netlify Status - Build logs unavailable