Deployment hangs on uploading for hours

I just deployed my builds, and it shows uploading for hours,
and it seems there was a topic in April also indicate the same issue, and it turns out it was the backend service issue.

Just wondering if it is the same this time or there’s something wrong on myside …

Thansk !

Hi there,

In the future, please include your site name or API ID or a link to the logs in question to help us help you most efficiently. Since you use manual deploys, which are flakey, this article shows how to make best use of them:

But from that article, the TL;DR for your question is “if it hangs for more than a few minutes, cancel and retry, following those best practices”. You should probably deploy from git or from CLI for best success :slight_smile:

Thanks! it seems because of the file size limitation

I convert all my .png files to .jpg, and then it works.
and one of my png file is about 9MB, I guess that’s the reason

sounds like it, @whtitefall!

Have you looked in to

to see if this would be helpful for your use case?