Deploying react project from GitHub fails


I coded an react App in Stackblitz and uploaded the project on GitHub. I then tried to deploy my project on netlify from gitHub, but for some reason it’s not working. I tried deploying it manually on netlify too but it didn’t work.

Any ideas why or what I can do differently?

Netlify project link:
GitHub link: GitHub - KarifaDev/PillowPulse


@karifa You need to set your Build configuration as per the documentation and based on your project requirements, Netlify doesn’t set the values automatically.

At the moment you’ve likely not set anything and this has resulted in Netlify building nothing and deploying your source files.

As evidenced by:

Looking over your project to see how things are set up:

  1. Your entire project is in a folder of PillowPulse:


  2. You have a build script in your package.json:

  1. Running your build locally shows which folder it is outputting into:

Factoring all that in, you want your Build configuration to be something like:

Base directory: PillowPulse
Package directory: ← don’t set or just leave as default
Build command: CI= npm run build ← The CI= will prevent warnings from causing your build to fail
Publish directory: build