Deploying multiple Golang functions

I’m having problem deploying multiple Golang functions to netlify. As per this tutorial:

Netlify’s documentation on deploying multiple Golang functions has a few pain points. First, deploying multiple functions on their system without the constant need to update the Makefile as this example would have required. Second, deploying without a frontend introduces some small changes. This example attempts to streamline Netlify’s already easy-to-use deployment system even further.

However, even it worked perfectly before, I am not able to replicate the success now.

My public deploy log is at:

Which mysterilly failed with Build failed due to a user error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 2, and the process before that was:

12:23:06 PM: Packaging Functions from functions directory:
12:23:06 PM:  - goodbye
12:23:06 PM:  - hello
12:23:06 PM: ​
12:23:06 PM: ​
12:23:06 PM: (Functions bundling completed in 66ms)

Which I presume to have something to do with deploying multiple Golang functions, as I have another deploy with the same went on just fine, and I think having multiple Golang functions or single one is their key differences.

My repo is at

Somebody help please.

Here is another public build/deploy failure log:

The error is here: Deploy details | Deploys | steady-babka-a7c11c | Netlify

Ah, the error is there!!

The error reporting is very confusing for first time user, take a look at this:


IE. it indicated that the Building step failed, but Deploying OK, yet
what actually happened is Building step was OK, but Deploying failed.

Anyway, thanks for helping.