Deploying a react app with redux to netlify, issue with stylesheet being MIME type?

Hey! I am trying to deploy a react site to Netlify as you do, the deployment was successful but i am getting an odd error that i am not able to solve.

It basically doesn’t recognize the type file for the style sheets. This is the first time i am deploying such site so i have no idea how to fix this :frowning:

I’m only getting these:

yes, I am using firefox, hence why the console looks different

I do get MIME type warnings in Chrome, so I assumed I’d get those in this case too. But nevermind.

Since Chrome is choosing to ignore it in this case and also they’re just marked as Yellow (warnings), your app should work just fine. I’m assuming the errors lie in these red lines which is causing the app to fail to render.

Thank you, i thought those syntax errors were actually related to the warnings so i didn’t look into them.
But, the actual issue was that in my package.json i had another link for the homepage since i initially deployed it to github pages. So i had to change that to "homepage": "./"
Thanks for your reply!

Hello @bennami,

Great job solving this issue! When folks share their solutions it really helps our community.
@hrishikesh, thank you for jumping in with some additional ideas!