Deployed Website Doesn't Show up on Company Websites

I deployed a website on Netlify and everything works on my home wifi, data, etc. However, I am interning for a company right now, and the company wifi doesn’t seem to display my website. The web page is blocked and I get a message saying “Quarantined-MaliciousTLD-Dynamic”. However, my friend’s websites seem to all work, even on company website.

I deployed my website around 1.5 weeks ago. Could it be because my website is new, or is it some other Netlify issue. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


The company’s networking is blocking it, as per:

This clearly demonstrates they are blocking it because they believe it is malicious or the domain TLD is malicious.

There is nothing Netlify can do to remedy this. You’ll need to take this up with the company you are interning with.

Just curious, any insights into why just my website is being blocked by the company. Not other personal websites as well?

  1. I don’t work for the company how could I know about their internal networks?
  2. You haven’t provided details of the site that doesn’t work or a site that does so I have nothing to check.