Deployed an OpenAI App that works locally, but does not call the API on Netlify

Hello all:

I am totally brand new to programming (outside statistical coding that is) so this may be a stupid question.

I recent wrote a python code that calls the OpenAI (ChatGPT) API to return summaries (basically the completion algorithm with DaVinci). It works perfectly on my local server so I went to deploy it on Netlify ( While the build is successful, and I can see the basic ‘index.html’ file, when type in my request to call the API on said file, the screen loads, but does not provide data from the OpenAI API. My theory is that it is not calling the API when deployed. I’ve tried using AJAX and Fetch features but those seem to put me further back. Does anyone have any suggestions? It would greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

@markgreenhalgh1994 What does your “server” and “api” consist of?

If you’re trying to run a python based server then that will be your issue.

See this response I gave to another similar request: