Deploy with API stuck in "prepared"

I’m trying to deploy with the API and the deployment gets stuck in “Preparing” when the deployment is async and “Uploading” when is not async. (I can provide ID’s in private)

It doesn’t show logs or nothing to know what’s the problem with it.

Using the CLI, drag&drop or link to a repo are not options for me (technically speaking).

What site is this about?

It’s a SPA Docs site, it doesn’t have build or CI in Netlify, as I export all the files directly. The app is big, +900 files (319 pages).

I meant the site name or id, or deploy id, or account slug, or some other useful identifier information.

Oh ok, this deploy ID for example: 6485f8752c003b2afabeaba1

I’m not seeing any file being uploaded for the mentioned deploy ID. How exactly are you using the API to upload files?

This is the flow I have
Get site Id -> walk the directory and get every file -> upload the file index -> upload every required file -> get the deployment ID, as it’s not uploading files, something may be wrong with a change I may added recently, I’m going to check it.

The flow should be like this:

  1. Get the site ID
  2. Walk the directory, get every file and its SHA
  3. Send a list of files along with their SHAs
  4. Netlify will respond with a list of files it needs (same SHA is not requests again, if it was already uploaded by someone)
  5. Upload only those files