Deploy to Netlify from within ChatGPT

The Netlify Drop ChatGPT plugin is officially live! :clap:

Describe the website you want to build, and ChatGPT will author the markup, scripts, and stylesheets, AND deploy it to Netlify.

Check it out :arrow_down:

Here are some simple examples that were generated and deployed by prompt:

What can you deploy with just a prompt?


Ha! How neat is that! Definitely one of the cooler, but also hilarious, uses I’ve seen yet! Any chance the generated code for these examples is open source? The matrix waterfall site is neat but the earthquake map will make me :exploding_head: if it wrote real time update / API calls etc.!

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Any chance the generated code for these examples is open source?

@jonsully It’s all frontend code, so you can inspect it using browser devtools like you would any website!

The earthquake one is indeed realtime – it requests data from an endpoint hosted by

D’oh! Of course it is :joy: I’ve had my head buried in back-end stacks too much recently. Wow, super neat that it knew how to wire all of that up correctly. Can’t wait to give this a shot as a more logic-and-functionality based dev (short in the ‘design world’) — “Make me a cool-looking personal site!”

For sure @jonsully! As a quick tip, I’ve found that longer, more specific prompts output higher quality sites compared to short, open-ended prompts. Excited to see what you come up with!

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You can iterate too. If you need something changing in the result, ask for the changes and only claim the one that you’re happy with.

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