Deploy previews with a monorepo setup. How to stop ALL sites from generating previews?

I have a monrepo configured according to Netlify’s published best practices.

In general, it’s working great! The one downside we’ve found is that deploy previews get really verbose. Here is our typical setup:

  1. We have deploy previews only on a pull request against the main branch.
  2. When we create a PR, netlify creates a deploy preview for ALL sites in the mono repo (20-30+ at this point). That really clutters up the Github PR and also just seems… wasteful.

We have configured netlify.toml for each subdirectory to cancel builds if a specific package was not touched. Is there a similar way to configure deploy previews so it only creates one for specific directories, if a specific directory is touched in a pull request?

The ignore command should work for all deploys. Is that what you’ve configured?