Deploy multiple netlify apps to single domain and subfolders?

I have 3 Netlify apps, currently sitting at:

jekyll =>
create-react-app =>
create-react-app =>

I would like to migrate towards subfolders

Mainly because i want to just git-push my small “tool” and have it be updated on the site. I don’t want to publish to registry then bump versions and redeploy my main site.

I have attempted to use the proxying feature but getting shown 404

Hi Blair,

Check out this article - it mentions how to deploy “subrepos” as “subsites” in a directory path:

If that doesn’t work, please let us know your real sitename and we’ll be happy to take a closer look and advise!

Hi @fool,

i have already attempted to use proxying but am getting 404s. Sitename is

There are no redirects at all on that site, Blair. I think you didn’t deploy them correctly :slight_smile: How were you trying? Usually folks use an _redirects file next to their /index.html but there are other ways to handle it.

As far as I can see you have only netlify.toml which is a place you could configure redirects, but in your file, they are all commented out :slight_smile:

Odd. This file was deployed and still not working.

possible at the netlify.toml is overwriting the redirects file?

Hi, @blairanderson, I do see those redirects being processed now. This file needs to be copied to the publish directory to be processed.

Did you resolve this by adding the reference to it here?

I ask in case someone else runs into the same issue and finds this topic when searching. I want them to be able to use the same solution which worked for you. :+1:

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