Deploy master to .com and develop branch to .dev after running tests in pipeline


We have bitbucket pipelines for testing. After tests are done I’d like to deploy master branch to .com domain and develop branch to .dev.
I tried netlify hooks, but they fail because your builder uses wrong node version Expected version "12.x". Got "10.19.0".
I tried netlify CLI, but I can’t find a way to do what I want.

Hi @JesusCrow,

Lots of questions asked in minimal text. Kudos on conciseness without losing detail that would prevent us from understanding your goal and what you’ve seen!

First off, you can set up separate Netlify sites for those separate names, link the same repo to both, and choose different “production” branches (and choose not to build any other branches, so you don’t waste build minutes).

Second, Hooks only initiate a build; you have to CONFIGURE it following the instructions here, including specifying a node version if you need to:

Finally, with the CLI, that should work similarly to my first suggestion:

  1. configure a site for .com and another for .dev
  2. build master locally and deploy with the CLI to site 1; build develop locally and deploy with the CLI to site 2.
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