Deploy fails with yarn, ok with NPM

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  • site graphql-lambda-1
  • Tried switching to Yarn, get error as show. I deleted package-lock.json and added yarn.lock
  • changed build command to “yarn build” from “#”

hmm, seems like we somehow can’t find your site?

i’m not a yarn expert, but maybe we should start by looking at your yarn.lock file to see what is in there!

Hi Perry,

Thanks for responding.
Well, for one, it works fine with NPM. NPM generates package-lock.json from package.json.Similarly Yarn generates yarn.lock from package.json ,I gather in the same way. It’s a big file, do you want me to upload here?

Why are you using netlify build in our CI? You don’t need to and shouldn’t. We’re already building for you - so don’t build inside the build. Unless you’re building and deploying a second site, based on a commit for the first site, for some reason?