Deploy failed - Command failed with exit code 254

Having trouble to deploy my Vue app. This is the first time I run in to this issue.

Hey @mimmimiro

As mentioned in the log (much better to post deploy logs as text rather than images) there is no package.json in the root of the repository which is required to build.

Is the code you wish to deploy in a sub-directory perhaps?

Check out

and more in

If you are still having issues, can you provide a link to the repository you are deploying.


Yes, I think it is in the sub directory. This projest also contains sanity studio. How can I choose only on directory? I have netlify.toml file under my public folder also

You can set the base directory in the build settings via the UI

My netlify.toml file. Still not working. I give up

base = ‘app/’
publish = ‘dist/’
command = ‘npm run build’

from = “/*”
to = “/index.html”
status = 200

Did you set a base directory via the UI?

Where is this netlify.toml file? Is it inside the base directory? If it is, then you need to remove the base = "app/" from the file as it is inside the base already.

If this isn’t the case, can you share the repository?

here is the link to my repository: GitHub - mimmimiro/sanity

The netlify.toml is in the wrong directory. You need to put it into the app directory, not app/public. And you need to remove the base = "app/" as previously mentioned.

I did as you recommended. Still not working, I get the same error if I try to deprly the repository and set the commands to npm run build and dist as publish directory. If I skip this part, the sites appear with page not foun 404 error.

I really dont know what the issue is.

Have you tried downloading the deploy to see what files were deployed?

I have deployed your repository to

These are the build settings in the UI

Because there is a netlify.toml in the base directory (app) Netlify uses those settings for the build command and publish directory.


omg! thank you. I can try that too

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