Deploy fail

I built a Google clone webpage with React( I added a index.html because so I can deploy it on here but I didn’t use it. Is that the problem with my deploy? Here is a snippet:

@MoeGropp Your issue is fairly clearly shown in your screenshot.

Treating warnings as errors because process.env.CI = true.
Most CI servers set it automatically.

Then later…

  Line 15:20: 'dispatch' is assigned a value but never used  no-unused-vars
  Line 13:14: 'term' is assigned a value but never used  no-unsed-vars

The build server is running with the default of CI=true which will treat warnings thrown by your project as errors and cause the build to fail.

You could fix the warnings in your project, but you could also turn off that behavior by setting CI to false.

One way to do this would be by changing your Build command to:

CI= npm run build