Deadnames in privacy policy email

I got an email from Netlify addressed to my deadname about updates to the privacy policy. I don’t have a name set in my account, so I don’t understand where this data was pulled from, or how to update it. Can anyone provide any insight or direction in how to make this change?

This doesn’t seem to bode well for the actual content of their privacy policy…

Hi @example123 :wave:t6:, welcome!

I am very sorry to hear that we mis-sent this email to you! Upon review there was some misconfiguration of our mailing software that included people who no longer have a business relationship with our company. We have already begun the work to fix our communications software and existing mailing lists, and will not send further emails to customers who do not have existing, active Netlify accounts or other active business relationships with Netlify before we have things completely fixed. Please let me know if you have any concerns and I will raise them with our marketing and legal teams and get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for replying @SamO. I do have an active Netlify account, so it’s not totally unexpected to get an email about the privacy policy. The issue is that I don’t know where Netlify has my deadname saved, and I have no way to change it. Is this something that could be updated via a GDPR rectification request? Another question I’d pass along is about the nature of the privacy policy email - if this was sent to a general mailing list, shouldn’t it have provided links to unsubscribe, or update preferences?

Was there some issue with merging old email list data with user account data?

The other day, I also received an email re. the updated privacy policy. It was sent to the email address I previously used for my account, until a few months ago. I had my first name in it, but that is not strange, since I provided it myself. So my information was outdated but provided by myself.

@metbril @example123 I see we’ve followed up with both of you in our helpdesk, feel free to continue correspondence there!