Data in Netlify Forms --> auto-delete after 30 days? (GDPR compliance)

I need the data collected by Netlify Forms to auto-destruct (fully, no backups) after 30 days. This is to meet GDPR data retention requirments.

Does Netlify Forms do this natively, or is there a way to automate this?

Thank you!

Hey there,
One of our awesome forum contributors wrote a great blog post about setting up a function to delete form submissions after they are created:

We’re not lawyers here so can’t say whether this is officially GDPR compliant or not, but maybe you could review and follow up if there are any questions?

Note that if you are submitting files to your form, those files are NOT deleted when form submissions and/or the form is deleted.

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Jen… Thank you so much for finding this! Ideally, this would be an option that Netlify would handle for us via the ADMIN panel, but at least there is a solution.