Custom SSL certificate - Cloudflare

I’ve tried multiple times to add a custom ssl cert through cloudflare but it seems to fail.

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Is there a specific reason you need/want to use a Cloudflare generated SSL certificate instead of the SSL certificate provided by Netlify?

Have you looked through the Custom certificate documentation and checked out [Support Guide] Tips for bringing your own custom SSL certificates to Netlify?

The self signed certificate provided by ESET isn’t enough for my work security. I believe that what I have done should be working but I may of missed something important.

Self-signed certificate?

Because it’s a chatbot using ChatGPT?

No, they just block ESET self signed. I am looking for help with cloudflare ssl

Netlify uses Let’s Encrypt not self-signed.

It is issued by ESET. Once again, I am here for help with cloudflare SSL

As it says on this page

Use Origin Certificate Authority (CA) certificates to encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and your origin web server…

But that is not happening here. You have (correctly) flattened the records in Cloudflare (or set them to DNS Only) which means that the traffic isn’t proxied through Cloudflare, it is straight from the browser to the origin, which in this case is Netlify.

Hi, @YouSeeMeRunning2. If you upload the self-signed SSL certificate from Cloudflare to Netlify, the SSL certificate won’t be trusted by browsers. This is why you are seeing the SSL certificate errors.

Using the self-signed SSL certificate from Cloudflare only works for Cloudflare itself. It is to be used when you proxy a domain to some other hosting using Cloudflare. You are not proxying the domain in question. You are directly serving it from Netlify and not using Cloudflare as a proxy. For this reason, it is incorrect to use the self-signed SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

I do show the site was changed to use the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates about three hours ago so the issue does appear to be resolved. Please reply anytime if there are other questions.

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