Custom google domain with DNS does not work


I have stucked with a problem about using my google domain with netlify. From google domains, I entered the Netlify DNS and according to my search, everything on the google domains side is arranged fine. But when I look from netlify side, for my custom domain and I am having the error “Check DNS configuration”. The tutorials I have watched stated that this warning should go away by time but it has been more than 24 hours and it doesn’t disappear. Can you help on what could be the problem for this please?

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Hi @zeynepkilinc458

Based on what is shown for and using Zoho Toolkit the domain is not configured as per Configure external DNS for a custom domain documentation.

I do not see a record for the apex domain pointing to the Netlify load balancer and the www subdomain has a CNAME pointing to the apex instead of pointing to your Netlify site.

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I see thank you for your fast reply, I will try to fix those. After everything is set properly how long it should take for the warning to disappear. I have seen in tutorials that it takes a long time but how long specifically ? are we talking about 24 hours , couple of hours or like half an hour? I am asking this because I have just started to learn these things therefore I will probably make the right setting by try and error :sweat_smile: so trying to figure out how long should I wait after changing stuff

Thank you again by the fast response, I was not expecting that and really appreciate it :smiley:

That will in part depend on the TTL (Time To Live) value you set. The smaller the value, the shorter time, and the quicker the records should propagate.

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